He Will Set Your Fields on Fire

He will set your fields on fire. He will
Tie the first fire on the tails
Of the little foxes we have caught-
Yet even that vineyard must go.
Only when all the fuel is spent,
In all the spaces of the heart’s creases,
Will the Flame have done its work,
And the distances all obliterated.
Only when your bones have passed
Into the unform of the flaming ether
When His fire has consumed
The very moment of consumption,
And your ash is burned up,
Your weeds and your wheat,
The stubble and the harvest:
Then there remains the single flame in
The vast fields of your heart,
The rows declining to this one point:
Your flesh is
Become His field, and
His flesh is yours
And you are your Beloved’s, and He
Is yours. But the burning comes first.

2 thoughts on “He Will Set Your Fields on Fire

  1. Jonathan,

    I just came to your web site to commend you on your thoughtful and reasoned comments in response to the slightly humorous but repetitive one-joke pony article about fatwas by the guy named Liam Fox.

    He also seems to conveniently forget the some of the dumbest in the world laws that exist to this day in modern America about personal relations between people and even married couples.

    In either case, a please to run into your writing. I voted up your comments there. Happy to connect below if you wish.

    Follow Me: http://twitter.com/imrananwar
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/IMRAN.TV

  2. Thanks for the support- glad someone enjoyed my thoughts. I don’t really understand being apparently frightened and belligerent towards the whole of religious history and tradition in the Western world, but whatever… I don’t make a habit of posting on comment threads, since so much internet communications consists of yelling and name-calling. Oh well. Nasty polemics aren’t anything new in the world.

    Hope you enjoy my blog- my posting can be pretty sporadic, though so far this summer I’ve managed to keep things active, so far.

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