Devotion to Muhammad in Early Modern Islam

An Ottoman copy of Dalā’il al-khayrat, Khalili Collection MSS 97

The following posts are part of an occasional series in which my goal is to present and explicate one of the most important, but largely understudied, aspects of late medieval and early modern (and modern, though that’s outside of my wheelhouse) Islam: devotion to Muhammad. I’ve listed my posts in chronological order, beginning with an introduction to the topic and this series of material. After the list of my posts I’ve included a short bibliography for those who might want to explore this topic in more depth.

Depicting Devotion to Muhammad: Images in An Ottoman Compendium

Devotion to Muhammad in Medieval and Early Modern Islam: An Introduction

Explicating Devotion to Muhammad, Part i.

O Monarch of the Heart

For Further Reading:

The Presence of the Prophet: Muhammad in the mirror of his community in early modern and modern Islam: a collaborative research project among primarily French and German scholars, focused on the increasingly central role of Muhammad in Islamic communities and traditions from the 14th century forward, including what I like to call the ‘devotional turn’ described in the above posts.

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