Fragments, ii

I enjoy occasionally looking at the search terms that brought readers to my blog. Alas, I am afraid that some of them left without anything remotely connected to what they were looking for. Though, for some, I am not entirely sure what they were looking for: the search term string is a tiny trace of ephemera in this great web of ephemeral jottings, thin connections to someone’s intention, or half-formed intention and desire (hence the searching…).

From a couple days ago:

al ghazali 1
deer blind stencils for corn stalks 1
the andalucian islam 1
katrina place 1
ornamentalism 1
national underwear day 1
sefrou – a side trip


Is there a National Underwear Day (if there is, Knoxville is surely the place to be for it, and presumably the reason my blog was pointed to)? Have the Proof of Islam and deer stands ever before been associated? Do the lands that the storm Katrina ravaged now cohere in a single ‘place’?

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