Penny Justice

Came across this today: PennyJustice, a nifty new project by Bill Powell. From the About page:

But actually living justice day in and day out is turning out to be not only difficult, but ridiculously complicated. We have managed to combine an extreme social isolation with an unprecedented global supply chain. Who sewed the shirt on your back? She could easily have been paid a wage so low that even her country deems it illegal. But no one’s enforcing that law, and she’s on the other side of the world. It’s not like you can walk into a store and look for the tag that reads, No men, women, or children were harmed in the production of this merchandise. Or can you?

Meanwhile, we’re drowning in obvious wealth, but are often surprisingly poor in friends, economic security, good work, clean food, streets that are beautiful, or even bearable, and the ability to get anywhere interesting without strapping ourselves into a two-ton transport vehicle. What are we supposed to do about any of this?

Read on and see. People are working out answers all over the place. I’ve been hunting for a few years now, and it finally occured to me to start linking them together in one place. I hope to hear what you’ve found too.

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