She Offered Peace As Also She Had Received Peace

This Virgin came, great and full of holiness, to rejoice with the old sterile one at the novel conception.

Each met the other, the one full of blessings and the daughter of the Levites, boats of treasures from which the whole world was enriched.

Two who brought forth: the One who was announced and the announcer, with the same message full of salvation for the whole world.

The maiden visited her and spoke a luminous greeting in her ears; immediately the enclosed babe was aware and began leaping for joy.

It was beautiful for Mary that she should speak peace, for she sowed peace for those far and near.

She was as a treasure full of peace for all mankind; great peace was hidden in her for those who were at enmity.

She offered peace as also she had recieved peace, from on high, which was for the whole world.

Peace was spoken profusely from her mouth; it was fitting for the blessed one to proclaim it.

Peace was in her womb and with her lips she gave peace, and the babe who heard began cheekily making merry.

The Israelites were given to pleasure in dancing for joy before God, when He is carried about in special places.

King David was dancing before the Ark, and he did not observe the order of royalty because of the great joy of his heart.

St. Jacob of Serug, Homily Concerning the Holy Mother of God, Mary, When She Went to Elizabeth To See The Truth Which Was Told To Her By Gabriel

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