A Man With A Plan

For really getting the American Empire up and running:

Maybe we have to start thinking about some kind of hybrid organization of our military and our civilian agencies of the government. There’s a lot here that the Justice Department can bring to bear in places like Iraq and if we have to do another Iraq in the future. There’s a lot of skills that the Commerce Department can bring to bear, the Treasury Department, and a lot of our private businesses. This nation needs to get started again. Maybe we didn’t see that because this idea of nation-building is not one you want to undertake lightly. But whether we wanted to or not, it’s now our responsibity. We’ve got to get it done right.

Via Reason Mag. The sad thing is Mr Giuliani no doubt thinks his plan is new and innovative in the world.

In the event that Mr Giuliani, God forbid, does ascend to the helm of the Empire, I would fancy some sort of colonial post, just a middling one in the high country (doesn’t really matter what high country), well away from the thick of insurgency. I am sure I could lend a much needed cultural flair to our enterprise: when one shoulders the White Man’s Burden, one should do it in decent style, after all.

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