I must apologize for a scarcity of content here over the past few weeks: I’ve been terribly busy with my college speech and debate team with a series of national tournaments (one in California- beautiful weather and awful congestion and smog; the other in Michigan- miserable, mostly, weather and lots of wide open farmland); this week is my school’s spring break, which I’ve spent mostly at home, which means limited internet use mostly.

Spring arrived while I was off in other corners of the country; it has arrived in absolute resplendence, the dogwoods, redbuds, and azaleas all bursting with colour. The oaks and hedgerows and fields are aglow with green, and even the live oaks are shedding their old leaves and putting on a new coat. But, to all those in northern climes suffering under snow and ice, keep in mind- as we try not to do here in the Deep South- in a couple more months our joy will be turned to sorrow, or at least highly mitigated joy, as the blessings of our mild clime are transmitigated into the evils of living in a giant Turkish bath…

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