O Irony

A million-dollar stone sculpture, intended to remind future generations of the Earth’s fragility, made its point a bit early – just three months after its unveiling, it collapsed.The 175-ton Spaceship Earth lay in ruins at Kennesaw State University after mysteriously falling to pieces last week.

The engraved phrase “our fragile craft” was still visible amid the debris.

“Kind of ironic,” said Mary-Elizabeth Watson, a university employee. “I had no idea it was made up of so many pieces.”

Earth Falls to Pieces

Another piece of irony of sorts, not quite as delicious but still rather humorous: this week’s All Songs Considered from NPR featured a Christian rapper from Ohio, John Reuben. Well. More of a pop-hip-hop with a tinge of that slightly disaffected college student sound. Not too terrible actually. Not sure what to make of a Christian rapper on NPR however…

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